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Thursday, 23 - Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Below are our online ‘timed’ auction dates for the remainder of this year. Rather than having our online auctions run for 10 days as previously we have decided to shorten these to 5 days, running in each case from 5pm on Thursday to 6pm the following Tuesday at which point lots will close progressively in batches of five every 2 minutes. We will also endeavour to get the catalogue published for online viewing around one week before the sale goes ‘live’. The dates for our three remaining auctions this year are: June: 5pm Thursday 23 June – 6pm Tuesday 28 June September: 5pm Thursday 22 September – 6pm Tuesday 27 September December: 5pm Thursday 8 December – 6pm Tuesday 13 December In the meantime we are still accepting entries for our next auction and will need to receive these by the end of May. I plan to be in both Auckland and Wellington before the end of the month and if you can bring any works to me at a pre-arranged collection point I will be happy to bring these back to Whanganui for sale. Although based in Whanganui our current clients are nationwide as well as overseas (UK, Singapore, Australia). I am happy to review all material submitted and provide estimates based on current market values. However, at this time we have more than enough low value stock and are now looking for additional artworks where the price range is not less than $100-$200. This can be either one artwork or say two pieces worth $50 each and offered as a single lot. Ideally, we’d also like a few more entries in the $5,000-$10,000+ range to complement our existing higher value entries. On artworks with a minimum value of $5,000 we are, for the remainder of this year, prepared to offer a special commission rate lower than our already very reasonable vendor commissions. Please call for details and mention this offer – as it available only to those on our mailing list. Best regards, Henry

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